Bilbo, Wanderer

I wanted to show the lighter side of Bilbo, just doing what he enjoyed doing. (Any excuse to include Gildor Inglorion!) The form is based on an amalgamation of the Lay of Luthien with Bilbo's song of Earendil, and several of the lines are also shamelessly plundered from here. I'd like to make so bold as to dedicate it to Prim, simply because Nothing of Note was so inspirational, and I can't think of Bilbo any more without thinking of her!

'Bilbo, Wanderer.'

There was a merry wanderer
Who journeyed in Anorien,
With pipe and trusty walking stick,
The ancient ways he ventured in.
Where winding pathways led him on,
By rushing brook he walked and sang,
And came at last to Woody End
Where sunlight from the branches sprang.

Beneath the moon and under star
He wandered far from trodden ways
To where the trees grew wise and tall,
A remnant of the eldar days.
Then came he to a Hemlock grove,
And peeping through the veil of green,
He saw in wonder, shinning fair
That ancient light now seldom seen.

The elven folk were dancing there,
And torches blazed with silver light
As far as lost Telperion,
Like stars outstripping Morgoth's night.
They spied him peeping through the leaves
And laughing bade him join with them,
They led him through the Hemlock sheaves,
And laughing still, they honoured him.

"Hail and well met!" cried they,
And plied him with sweet cakes and wine,
A merrier band was never seen
Than those who now sat down to dine.
And when the music died at last,
Then Gildor coming bowed to him,
He tales told of times long gone,
The name of elf-friend laid on him.

When moonlight o'er the far west gleamed
And morning grey at last crept in,
He woke there from a restful dream
To which they had abandoned him.
He sought them long then, wandering far,
But never heard their song, nor saw
The firstborn dancing 'neath the stars,
He came at last to his own door.

And there he laid his cloak aside,
And walking stick to hall returned.
But evermore at eventide
His heart for elven light still yearned.

- Evermind