- Eressëa Nole

“I do not believe that this darkness will endure.”
– Faramir

O darkened world,
polluted with ignorance and hate,
blinded by pride and anger.
What lies within . . . beyond?
What do you hold for me?
My path is hidden by fog,
surrounded by thorns.
Ahead lies only deserted wastelands . . .
my past, a ruined heap.

I am forever lost in darkness.

I look at the smog covered sky
and wonder what flies free above . . .
and why that can’t be me?

Sunshine on my feathered wings,
wind rushing past my ears,
melodies and harmonies twined within.
Lush green trees hold my golden home,
silver moon consecrates its wholeness;
bubbling brook appreciates my twittered jokes
and shadowed clouds last but a moment.

I dream as I tread my grey path
and slowly return to myself and sigh
for the happiness that is not mine.
I glace ahead as a small breeze
gently tugs on my hair,
and a patch of green and blue catches my eye.
I speed up . . . it can not be . . .

The lone tree stands proudly, shakily,
against stark skies,
a clear blue pool beside –
a swan floating silently through lilies.

Hope rekindled, I look up
and find a break in the clouds.
I turn my face up
and soak in warm light.

No, I do not think that this darkness
will endure much longer.