Meduseld! Oh golden-roofed hall.
My heart doth linger in fairer days,
when travelling people,both great and small,
with eyes full of wonder,at you,would gaze.

Your days have seen many a queen and a king.
and fair people welcomed,and greeted and praised.
Where the minstrels would play on their harps and did sing.
and the heirs of the Mark were taught and were raised.

But,times were when your halls were silent and bare,
and the enemy carelessly leaned by your wall
but to keep it from its people for long was rare,
for your honor,many a good man did fall.

So,though many a beautiful cities I see,
long has my will and my heart doth held,
of the place that I'll always be longing to be:
In fair Rohan!In golden-roofed Meduseld!

- Eowyn of Rohan