The Three Hunters

Three hunters left from Amon Hen,
to claim their captured friends.
and as a wise man once did say,
no one can see all ends.

Of Numenoreans,an ancient heir.
and,too,an elven prince so fair.
A sturdy dwarf,with grim a face.
The three set out on hopeless chase.

For endless miles,the carried on
and in their hearts,most hope was gone.

Now weariness and high despair
of missing clues did stall them there

Man and Dwarf slept while dark was dense
and softly sang the elven prince.

The morning came,the two awoke,
with deep sadness, Legolas spoke,
"They are far far away"
but they ran on again
under shadow and ray
far from proud Amon Hen.

The three kept on at their tiring pace
forty five leagues from the fourth day on end
Pursuing their friends in a quick losing race,
A legend forever to Elves,Dwarves,and Men.

- Eowyn of Rohan