I Do Understand

I do understand

I don’t know nothing about it
Though you may think I do
But I forgive you without question
Because of all you have been through

Doesn’t that show that I understand
What is happening to who you are
That you are fading to some shadow
And that the Shire seems so far?

But to know is of no importance
Reason has lost its power here
I keep trusting in my feelings
When the land of death comes near

And friendship and compassion
Cannot be smothered by the dark cloud
Heart is stronger here than head
That is what it is all about

Think of the stories, Mr Frodo
Remember when you were small
You did not know so much then
But you could understand them all

Keep holding on to those stories, Mr Frodo
I surely know that I am
Trust in the morning conquering the night
And above all, trust your Sam.

- Eowyn of Ithilien