Rhyme of the Ranger

Slightly inspired by Coleridge's Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner; that is of
course a much longer poem - but written as a ballad as well...

    A well-known stranger was he
    And Strider was his name
    No one knew where he was going
    Nor from whence he came

    Strange-looking, weather-beaten
    He sat in shadows near the wall
    No one spoke a word to him    
    But he listened to them all

    Long legs stretched in front of him
    His boots did fit him well
    There were worn and muddy
    As if they would have much to tell

    Drawn close about him was his cloak
    In spite of the heat of the room
    His face was hidden by his hood
    But his eyes were gleaming in the gloom

    When questioned he would say
    “There is too much that I know
     Of wild and wary things
     Of danger, dark and shadow”

    But there was no shadow in him
    Looking foul and feeling fair
    Living a life of wandering wisdom
    In preparing to prepare

    For not all those who wander are lost
    His fame will only spread out wider
    Until his face is loved by many
    And he is no longer known as Strider.

Directly inspired by Tolkien's words in the chapters
"At the Sign of the Prancing Pony" and "Strider" from "The Fellowship of the Ring".

- Eowyn of Ithilien