To himself he seems a stranger
He had to put aside the Ranger
Become a Man from ancient lore
Standing now in the Citadel-door
Ú-chebin estel anim
He gives hope, but what hope is there for him?
The crownless has a crown again
The King has returned to the world of Men
Yet who is Elessar, who is the King
Of whom the minstrels now will sing
What are the paths he has taken
Which life has been forsaken
To stand here so alone
And sit upon the great black throne?
Seven stars, seven stones, one white tree
A sword, a Seeing-stone, a King to be
But a King he was before he had all these
When he fought so hard for peace
Cared for land and people great and small
And had love for one above these all
He is Strider, Aragorn, Hope; all are they his name
And let the people know from whence he came
Evenstar beside him, around him many a friend
He has reached the beginning, for there is no end
Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien
The King has returned to the world of Men.

But can one tell the Ranger and the King apart?
The King was ever present in the Ranger’s heart.

- Eowyn of Ithilien