- Elvellon Ringsbane

A poem found in Fangorn

Day waned, dusk twined about the boles of trees;
Down the hillside, grey in twilight, the young Entwash leaping;
Stars shining in lakes between shores of cloud.
Two great trees stood like living gate-posts,
The gate their interwoven boughs
Evergreen, dark, polished, lifted up.
Beyond, a wide level space and an aisle of trees
Inwards marched to a shallow bay;
Arched branches overshadowed all the ground.
A little stream escaped the springs above
And tinkling fell, pouring in silver drops
A fine curtain gathered, spilled away
Beside the open path to journey on.
Inside, a great stone table, and filled vessels
Glow, blending golden and rich green,
The bay lit with the sun of summer shining through young leaves.
The trees glow also, faintly but steadily quickening,
Every leaf edged with light: green, gold, red as copper,
Trunks like pillars moulded of luminous stone;
Wellinghall, near the roots of the Last Mountain.

Text by JRR Tolkien (TTT ch. IV)
arr. by ER