To War

The ring of death has sent us forth
Death to our foes: Men of the North
Our iron swords were forged to kill
Driven by the master's will
To War.

Our tread of iron shakes the night
Amid the thunder flares a light
The dull gleam of ten thousand spears
To draw men's blood and women's tears.
To War.

The Deep of Helm in silence waits
No foe, boast they, shall breach the gates
Upon our thunder falls dark rain
The hissing shafts of Elven aim.
To War.

Like death's tide we surge and break
The walls of stone before us shake
Their lord mocks ours in strength and pride
'Is this all you can contrive?'
To War.

No mindless orkish host are we
Fair things we have in store for thee
Pride ever came before the fall
Beware the weakness of the wall.
To War.

The single flaw in your defense-
We bring Orthanc's fire hence
With Elf shaft you would stay the flame,
Your doom delay--yet still it came.
To War.

The stone of Helm cannot withstand
The devilry of Saruman
The Deeping Wall has been defied
Those who proclaimed it strong have lied.
To War.

Your lives our master does demand
Ashes sifted by the White Hand
Thy false hopes fade; in vain defend!
There will be no dawn for Men.
To War.
- Elvellon Ringsbane