Ode to Bilbo

Of Bilbo Baggins
Dear homebody I sing,
Immortal hobbit
Who found the Ring!

Reluctant adventurer
He set forth in haste
To journey to the land
That Smaug had laid waste.

Official burglar
Of the Dwarves’ expedition,
All but Gandalf
Thought him unfit for the position.

He proved them all wrong
And Gandalf right
When the Dwarves he rescued
From many a plight.

The webs of giant spiders,
The dungeons of the Elves
To get out they needed Bilbo –
They couldn’t save themselves.

He ‘twas found the secret door,
In the Lonely Mountain’s side,
He who crept down tunnels dark,
And the vast dragon defied.

With Ring upon hand
He sought for a way
To recover the treasure
Upon which Smaug lay.

How to go about it,
He didn’t quite know
But his luck was immense,
So he gave it a go.

Bilbo the Hobbit
With the dragon did riddle,
The old worm did reveal
The bare patch in his middle.

Later an arrow
Shot by Bard of Dale
Pierced that one hollow
In Smaug’s golden mail.

So the dragon was slain,
But soon dissension erupted:
Elves and Men claimed redress,
But the dwarves were corrupted.

So Burglar Baggins took the gem,
The Arkenstone so wondrous bright,
And gave it to the Elves and Men
In an attempt to set things right.

Thorin the Dwarf King thus was forced
To bargain for his jewel – incensed,
Cursing the Hobbit he declared
For all his aid no recompense.

Then orcs came too, and battle joined -
Civil strife was set aside
As all faced the common foe
In the great fight of Armies Five.

Victory at last was won,
From his wrath Thorin repented.
To fair division of the spoils
All the allies now consented.

So Bilbo homeward rode at last
Honored by Dwarves, Elves and Men
Now quite glad that he did take
The journey There and Back Again.

- Elvellon Ringsbane