To the Mountain

- Elvellon Ringsbane
Ever closer to the Fire
Consuming is this dread desire
Trapped, my soul, in golden mire
Dead the song of harp and lyre
Deaf to all, whispers conspire
Tread of fate upon a wire.

Fading eyes, the Eye is burning
Wheel of Doom unceasing turning
Bitter truth the soul is learning
For the One an evil yearning
All save I are undeserving
Iron kiss my toil’s earning.

Black the breath, the air is clouded
Visions past in ash are shrouded
Words once spoken now are doubted
Mind laid bare, memory routed
Evil counsels silent shouted
Throbbing drums as flames are spouted.

Dragging footsteps mountain climbing
Blood the hue of rivers winding
Golden lightning calling, blinding
Oath to end knows no reminding
Power circles, finger binding
Bliss tormenting at last finding.

Darkness trembles, pride is shaken
Blind the Eye, to peril wakened
Wings of Shadow, war forsaken
Wheel, the force of will is taken
In the deep the flames awaken
Mind of enemies mistaken.

Precious with unseen is vying
Twisted fate, the truthful lying
Weight of malice doom defying
Searing pain, in triumph crying
Final dancing, breath is flying
Wails of precious slowly dying.

Mighty visions fleeting, flashing
Whirling smoke, battlements crashing
Wailing voices, dark teeth gnashing
Weapons falling, useless clashing
Unto dust the iron smashing
Ashes hissing, black rain lashing
Liquid fire rising, dashing.

Silent standing, joy unspoken
Still you stroke the finger broken
Freedom’s wage, a bloody token
Claim of darkness now revoking
Gone forever, memory woken
Windows west at last are open.