- Elvellon Ringsbane
For Smeagol...


Remember the leaves of young, spring green,
The trees that summer grew;
Remember the smell of autumn rain,
The whisper of falling snow.

Remember the glint of morning sun,
The burnished noon of gold;
Remember the moon uprising pale,
The starry field unfold.

Remember the waters wide and swift
That ceaselessly sought the sea;
Remember the face reflected there
You looked on eagerly.

Remember the joy you once possessed,
The friendship, love, and peace;
Remember the laughter, and how sweet
Sleep’s innocent release.

I cannot remember leaf or tree,
Autumn, snow, or light;
Only the waning moon I love,
Only the starless night.

Water is bitter to my tongue,
Poisoned by golden dust;
I dare not seek my face therein,
Wasted by years of lust.

Joy is no more, nor love, nor peace;
Tormented I draw each breath.
Friendship I slew, laughter cut off;
Sleeping is worse than death.

Only the golden ring remains,
Blood-purchased at life’s cost,
Hopelessly binding hand and heart;
Everything else is lost.