A simple song for Legolas...


Can you hear
The Wind whispering
Faintly and fair?
Lifting leaves
Like clear raindrops
To dance with your hair
As is sighs
Over grasslands
Rippling endlessly
Threading swift
The reeds hissing;
It is calling to thee.

Hearken now
To the voices
That whispering cry
As they dance
Unseen echoes
That murmuring sigh
Swift waters
Of Anduin
Heed the whispers and flee
You follow them,
Follow to the sea.

Leave the trees
Leave the woodlands
And follow me now
The sighing of
Blossom and bough.
No more shall
You wandering
Seek the green canopy
Tune your ears
To the west wind;
Listen for the sea.

Can you hear
The waves crashing
On glimmering shores
Far beyond
Mortal havens
Unsoiled by wars?
In your blood
Flows a yearning
Long buried deeply
The longing
Now awakened
Of Elves for the sea.

Take a ship
From the Havens,
For darkness has passed,
To the east wind
The white sails at last
As beyond
Failing shadows
Arises a star:
The ensign
Of the Valar
And Elven-home far.

As a swan
Flies your vessel
Born upon the foam,
Its grey prow
Cleaves a pathway
Through waters unknown.
The first dawn
Brilliant rises
Flashing gloriously
As you enter
The haven
Beyond the Sundering Sea.

- Elvellon Ringsbane