The Grey Company

- Elvellon Ringsbane

Third Place winner for the Colors of Middle-earth Poetry Contest

Tall men, keen-eyed,
Mantled in cloaks of grey;
Hard hands, bright swords,
Keeping the night at bay.

Dark-haired hunters
Wanderers fell yet fair
Guiding swift steeds
Hardy like those they bear.

Grim men, and stern
Wisdom their counsel brings;
Strange lords, silent
Yet with the stance of kings.

Lost ones, summoned
Exiles whose time has come.
Black clouds gather
Cold winds none can outrun.

Dark paths leading
Far from the lonely North;
Dusky horsemen
Grey shadows riding forth.

Last host of Arnor
Led by the hidden king
Emerald gleaming
Eagle with outstretched wings.

Night falls, starless
Silent they pass away
Grey dreams fading
Like mist at break of day.

Yet hearts steadfast
Beat in each noble breast
And on each gleams
A silver star come to rest.

In death’s shadow
Their light unfading burns
Hope unfailing
Until the king returns.