Forest Lament

- Elvellon Ringsbane

The Elves began it, waking up the trees, teaching them to speak...

Silence fills my heart
Standing here apart
Under ancient trees,

High above, the Star
Sails its course afar
In the night, a breeze

Even thus I stood
When the new-born wood
First its silence broke,
Voices freed.

Words I spoke, they heard;
Bough, leaf, blossom stirred
Birch, fir, oak awoke,
Answered me.

Low at first the song,
Soft, but deep and strong
Murmurs fathomless
'Round me danced.

Music bitter-sweet
Swelled, my soul to meet
In the wind’s caress
Held entranced.

Pure untrammeled light,
Dark profound as night,
Joy and sorrow wove

Strange and wonderful
Wistful, beautiful
Rose the wild groves'

Silent now they stand,
Sleep keeps all the land
Voiceless memories
Hollows fill.

Laughter’s vanished years,
Leaves fallen as tears
Deep in shadow lie;
All is still.

But I, wandering
Wait, heart listening
Still where once I strayed
Lonely roam

'Til they sing again,
Dance once more as when
In the glades they played
Long ago.