For Our Dear Fool of a Took...(and his friend).

- Elvellon Ringsbane

Misters Took and Brandybuck
Bent on mischief--oh, what luck!
Gandalf's cart unguarded stands,
A treasure trove for hobbit hands

A mighty rocket they set alight
Then are the conspirators in a fright;
Their defense it sweeps away
Two blackened faces stare in dismay.

A vast dragon of scarlet flame
Shoots high above the party plain;
144 hobbits fall flat in fear,
It bursts over Bywater--they raise a cheer!

In delight two hobbits stand,
Smoke curls from their scorched hair in strands
"That was good!" they both agree,
"Let's get another one...or three!"

Behind, the wizard overhears--
Gandalf takes them by the ears;
"Merry and Pippin...I might have known.
You must do dishes to atone!"