- Elvellon Ringsbane

A grey mist lies upon the sea
Beside the quay a tall ship rides
The day has come at last when thou
Shalt follow the receding tides.
To Valinor thy bark will fly
Within her sails the east wind plays
No oar need any sailor ply
Thy fear shall bear thy hope away.
A small dark figure at the stern
You stand beside the shining sun
From your scarred and broken hand
Piercing rays like arrows run.
Winds of sorrow tears of pain
Loneliness a drowning wave
Whip my soul like driving rain
A flood of tears obscures my gaze.
Mordor's might could not defeat
My love - for you I would have died
Nor shall the wideness of the sea
Keep me master from your side.
Ten thousand miles I walked with thee
I will not say this is the end
Someday I too will cross the sea
I will follow you my friend.
The day will come when I shall stand
Beside the foaming, tossing sea
Swiftly born far from this land
To the haven where I long to be.