Elrond of Rivendell

- Elvellon Ringsbane
Flowing locks of darkest hue
Hair of polished ebony;
Beaten silver, woven through
Endless knots of memory.

Stars of heaven gleaming hard
Eyes of ancient burnished steel;
Flaming sparks, a broken shard
Depth of knowledge to reveal.

Keen to sense what is not seen
Ears have caught the timeless song;
Joy glitters ‘neath sorrow’s sheen,
Echoes of the ages long.

Firm to counsel wayward men
Lips impart what age instills;
Good and evil known within,
Matchless wisdom endless spills.

White and fair yet strong and hard
Hands that grasped the singing blade;
Bound in gold, wisdom to guard
Midnight fire soon to fade.

Knows the truth yet fears the end,
Noble heart doomed to foresee.
Mortal sorrows could not bend
Her will, nor send her to the Sea.

Deathless lord of fading race
On your brow the shadow falls;
Westward slowly turns thy face,
In the wind the wide sea calls.

In Hope’s hand you lay the Star
Love and tears for night’s erase;
One last journey now afar
Starwards, to the dawn’s embrace.