The Song of the Bow

In the shadow of the darkness
I am strung with Elven hair
A golden string faint glimmering
Gleaming taught and deadly fair,
For it guides the winging arrow
Then let all your foes beware
When the breath of death comes dancing
Shaft of terror through the air.

Those who hear me quail before me;
Otherworldly is my song.
Wailing death and spreading blindness,
Merrily I pierce the throng.
None are there who can escape me;
Chilled are those I breathe upon.
The brave that abide my coming
They may stand, but not for long.

Let them flee, or fall before me
Remain not within my path.
My laid course is not changed lightly
Burning ever is my wrath.
Those I kiss are stilled forever,
Drowned in silent darkness’ bath.
Hardly felt, instantly deadly
Is the touch of Elven shaft.

He who wields me, skilled his fingers
Flashing eyes to sight the foe.
Evil’s forces flee before him,
Wait not the impending blow.
In the endless night of darkness
Streaks of death like lightning glow,
As below men pause and tremble
At the clear song of the bow.

- Elvellon Ringsbane