A Sable Banner for the King

Poetry Contest Second Place Winner
LotR Object: The banner Arwen made for Aragorn

The night has laid her somber peace
Upon the hidden valley fair
Within, a maiden lies in sleep
The moon upon her raven hair.

Without, the stars like diamonds gleam
Softly they gild the weaver’s frame
Ornately carved and inlaid, yet
As fragile as thy fleeting dreams.

The midnight threads are yet unloosed
Still bound in fetters to the loom
They speak of endless labor, ceased
With the first rising of the moon.

The hands that wove thee rest at last
Lost in dreams weariness fades
While you in silence await the dawn
The summons for a last crusade.

Black as the storm that riseth swift,
Dark as the fathomless cavern rift,
Unseen device upon thee laid
By Elven hands for mortal made.

A mighty banner grim and proud
A sign of victory or a shroud
In the endless dark to fly
Fear of the mountain to defy.

Awake the shadows buried deep
The Oathbreakers their oath to keep
From cliff to sea the host to lead
Their vow to pay, from curse be freed.

Above the ship your folds to fling
Hope to the hopeless bring
A sign of triumph in the midst
Of sorrow, by the dawn is kissed.

A new light rises from the sea
The sun at last from bondage free
Your dark ensign to all revealed
Terror and wonder on the field.

The radiant dawn gilds the spread wing
Upon your crown seven stars sing
A mithril tree unwithering
A sable banner for the king.