In Your Eyes, I Wonder

- Elizabeth

I wonder what it is they'll say,
When they see your brown eyes "look" this way....

From within your performance,
I see a character emerge from hence,
And your eyes speak so deep,
That it makes my soul want to weep.

I long to know the reference,
Of this "moments" essence,
So I give myself up to your eyes,
As they guide me through all your "lies."

I know this is not you,
In the way your heart beats true,
But through the brown,
My smile turns from frown.

You make my intellect come to life,
Through your look's affect and seeming strife.

Through your eyes which burn,
My actor's heart doth long to learn,
So my mind explores the way,
Your face portrays all your soul doth say.

You guide me, sir,
With all your myrrh,
For you give your gift,
Through all you "riff."

"I hope my words, have not seemed vague.....

An actor takes life differently;
They try to live, find and see....
All which human life can give,
As they search for the reason our heart's live.

A true craftsman we behold this day,
So I am forced to find some words to say,
By the same path which Shakespeare walked,
And speak through verse, though I be mocked."