Beneath the Trees

A poem of Celeborn & Galadriel

Dew-damp, fallen, they scent the air
Leaves sweet and biting with decay
The Mallorn arms stretch solemn and bare
Autumn’s ending long delayed

What faith we kept, we placed in things
Complacency our bane
Our choices gave great power to rings
The magic of our people wanes

Am I weak to face with sorrow,
The winter of the race of elves?
To wish delay until the morrow
That journey which we chose ourselves?

A wistful thought adrift on mist
The silver trees asleep and cold
A dream of long-past lovers’ trysts
When leaves formed a canopy: green and gold

A wandering ghost of time’s long passage
A phantom of what used to be
I wish that you might walk beside me
As once you did beneath the trees

Beloved, does your pale skin glow,
With early blush of spring?
In a land that I have yet to know
Unspoiled by winter, grief or rings?

Galadriel, my lady fair
Your light you granted me
But I was not prepared to dare
The final journey o’er the sundering sea


Sun-warmed petals of the flowers
New buds green upon each stem
I tread the spring-leavened forest by hours
Wondering why you don’t come

What faith I kept, I gave to you!
My hope our summer-land
We must first end to be made new
The elves must fall to stand

You are not weak for knowing sorrow
But do not let your sadness linger
Wait not, my love until the morrow
The magic has ne’er died! It lives here!

Beloved, warm rays brush my brow
With a kiss that we could share
In a land that I know now
And you will, too if you but dare

Celeborn, my lord and lover
You have waited until first frost
Do not allow your heart to wither
Or to me you shall be ever lost

A wistful thought on petals fly
Across the sundering sea
A dream that we shall walk betides
As once we did beneath the trees.