A Song of a Dream

There is a man that's been haunting my dreams every night
Searching for a way to put wrong things right

The first time I saw him, he was climbing out of a boat
Though it was heavily laden it had stayed afloat

He told me he'd gone over the falls and out to sea
And he'd seen his brother, his face heavy with grief

He tried to call out, to explain what he'd done
But no voice did he have, his brother heard none

Of what he said, didn't hear his warning cries
That the dark lord was coming, the master of lies

This man sat beside me, telling his tale
Of how he broke up the fellowship, because of him it would fail

He searched for the words, his eyes full of tears
Somewhere he'd lost himself, given into his fears

Of his white city falling, his people all dead
I took his hand, caring not this was in my head

"You're just a man," I whispered, my heart breaking in two
He hung his head crying, "How can that be good enough for you?

Don't you see, I cursed him, tried to take it away
He ran away from me, heard nothing I tried to say

When I realized the awful thing that I had done
He'd already gone, taking with him the one

Chance I thought I had, but I was wrong
I tried to save Merry & Pippin, but they too are long gone

My King told me I'd fought bravely, I should be at peace
But I can't rest, there's no way for me to believe

That my death was not in vain
How can that be, when there's still so much pain?

He fell silent then, his hand in mine
I leaned over and whispered "There's still some time

Go from me now and seek out the one
And be there with him until his duty is done

Watch over him, comfort him when he's in doubt and fear
Be at his side when danger comes near

But I'll tell you right now, please have no regrets
For as someone told you, there is still hope left"

He raised his head then, looked in my eyes
"I can't thank you enough...you are so wise"

I laughed, my heart light, and said to him then
"Not wise as all that, I just know how it ends."


My heart suddenly stopped as he leaned in for a kiss
It's my dream, ya'll, it can end how I wish

- ElfinWolf