Have Hope, or Do you wonder?

- Elendil101

Pippin talking  to Merry as they are being carried away by the Uruk-Hai

As we run through the Fields,
What do you think, my friend?
Our protector was murdered,
But he fought to the end.

We've been taken away,
Now we fight to survive.
The Uruk-Hai go faster,
How are we still alive?

But do not worry, brother,
The others may see the trail.
I dropped my brooch,
And I know it will not frail.

More good news in all this gloom,
My hands I have untied
I’m glad it hasn’t been to long
Before I could confide.

Do you remember,
The Trouble we got ourselves into?
Gandalf wasn't too happy,
And now that he is gone I feel blue.

I remember Farmer Maggot,
That seems to be ages ago.
You recall how we stole some veggies?
That is when we ran into Frodo.

But no matter what happens,
We are found or we die,
You will always be my friend.
But please don't cry.

We run still, my comrade,
We will probably run through the night.
My feet hurt and grow tired,
And you are out of my sight.

I asked you before what you wondered,
Now do you wonder even more?
There is only one way out,
And hope is the door.

So have hope, my friend,
Forever more...