There Once Was a Fellowship

- Elendil 101

"There Once Was a Fellowship"

There once was a fellowship,
Who tried to destroy the one ring.
They had to get to Mordor
So they could end the whole thing.

They were called the Fellowship of the Ring
Don’t you forget that!
This isn’t a game,
With Rules and a map.

They were led by Gandalf,
Yes, the guy with a dress.
You know why he always wore a hat?
Because his hair was a mess!

Aragorn was second in command,
And very mysterious I might add.
And although he became king of Gondor,
I think he seemed rather sad.

Frodo Baggins is the one,
Who was the bearer of the ring.
Though when it was all over,
I don’t ever recall him sing.

Samwise the gardener,
Made a great friend.
He went to Mordor with Frodo,
And had no garden to tend.

Pippin the hobbit,
Was the least serious.
He always got into trouble,
And made Gandalf very Furious.

Meriadoc or Merry,
Was in-between.
He was serious yet funny,
Or so it seemed.

Legolas the Elven Prince,
Had really good looks.
My only question is:
Why isn’t he talked about more in the books?

Gimli the Dwarf,
Was a stout little guy.
And because he was stubborn,
He hardly ever cried.

Boromir of Gondor,
Died before to long.
And though he was weird,
In the book, Aragorn sang him a song.

That is the Fellowship
Made up of nine
If you want to hear more
You must wait till next time!