I Must Go On

I am seeing more than I've ever seen,
I've gone more places than I've ever been,
I've walked a road I had never known,
But only now do I feel alone.
For here in this forsaken place,
when the palor of death lingers on your face,
I feel the disheartening pang of fear,
I realize we should not be here.
With you I go, I want to follow,
Your departure is something I cannot swallow,
As I lay my head on your quiet breast,
I pray I won't have to finish the quest,
I wish to see your eyes so blue,
to see in their depths a friendship true.
To here my name called out so tender,
this only your gentle voice can render.
I hold your hand and wonder why,
I try my best, try not to cry,
Anger swells within my heart,
so I will finish what I didn't start,
I place a kiss upon your brow,
and wonder what will I do now?
I take the ring, the evil thing,
I even take your beloved Sting,
But no, not yet, I cannot leave,
leave you in this tangeled web we weave,
One last look at your still form,
One last wish to keep your body from harm,
There may be stories told in the end,
Of Mr. Frodo and his faithful friend,
But there won't be a single song,
so I must go, I must go on.

- Elanor Gamgee