I Will Follow You

I do not possess the words to convey the feelings in my heart when I think of the love Sam had for Frodo.

And I will follow you,
until your quest is through,
with you through thick and thin,
no matter the trouble you're in,
and if you have to hide,
I will be by your side.

While you are sleeping,
vigil I'll be keeping,
I'll keep you safe from harm,
and try to make you warm,
reminding you to eat,
and rub your furry feet.

I'll hold you if you cry,
I won't need to ask why,
I'll keep you from distress,
your furrowed brow caress,
Keep you in tight embrace,
and kiss your tender face,

And if Death pales your face so fair,
Then I will also follow you there.

- Elanor Gamgee