Down, down, I spiral down,
All the land is grey and brown,
I feel so tired, I feel so cold,
The ring is finally taking hold,
One can not know the weight I feel,
Without the veil I see the wheel,
I sense someone’s presence near,
They try to wipe away my fear,
But I can no longer see the end,
I can no longer hear my friend,
The world around me has grown dark,
As we lay in a land that’s stark,
Into our midst a villain steals,
He too knows the way it feels,
I struggle to the mountain’s ledge,
I bring the ring right to the edge,
But I can not destroy the thing,
I can not release the ring,
As my truest friend stands in despair,
My enemy confronts me there,
The ring is lost, gone with my finger,
And we know that we can not linger,
So we come to the end of things,
The downfall of the Lord of the Rings.

I finally finished what was started,
Many have already departed,
So smile and end your crying,
For I go to the Lands Undying.

- Elanor Gamgee