A Choice to Make

A choice to make,
A path to take,

Watching the choice is hard,
When you already had to make it yourself,
When you have already struggled,
With the what if’s.

Watching the choice is harder,
When you had to watch another you loved
Make the choice for himself,
And then to watch him fade.

Knowing you can not force the choice,
Can not impose your will,
For your child is independent,
She is strong and wise.

She knows her heart
And though she loves you
as a child will
you know that her heart is with him.

You know her choice,
So you try to convince her of the folly,
Try to push her to change it
Her perfect mind.

To keep her forever
To save her from heartache
To watch her depart for the Havens
Is what you strive for.

But her defeated look
Defeats you
You love her,
Your daughter.

- Elanor Gamgee