Through it All

I am weak
I relent
To the power
Of the One
As easily as a child
After something sweet
This Ring is my love
My curse
My beauty
Yet my pain

Oh Sam can’t you help me

Bear this burden?

I feel so heavy
And defenseless
Against the will of the One

You can’t help
For it is my task
My own
And I must do it


My tears fall

As I weep

Something is wrong Sam

Terribly wrong
I shouldn’t be here
We shouldn’t be here
The world has wronged us
I want the Shire
I cry for it
I want my home
Uncle Bilbo
And you Sam
Always you

With Rosie
In the gardens of Bag End

But we are not there
We are alone
On this mountain
For deliverance
From the agony

Wrapped around our souls

But we cannot cry any longer

We were given the task
And cannot give up

Or all we love will wither and die

We must carry on
In pain and heartache

We will go on as we always have

For the love of the Shire
And all things beautiful
- Eglerio Hyn