Sam’s Thoughts

In the mist of early sunrise
We wait not eager to start the day
To trod the unfriendly grounds
That speak of death and hate

I don’t like to watch
When my master’s face
Grows pained as he grasps
The ring on the chain

I wish I could wrench it from him
Cast it into Mordor myself
To rid him of the evil that is changing him
Making him into something he’s not

My hands long to touch growing things
To plant some flowers so pretty
And pull from the earth some weeds
Here in this desolate land I wish for something green

I dream of Rosie at night
So fair and kind I know
Does she miss me I wonder?
Remembering the night we danced

My thoughts must stop now
We must carry on
And forget everything
But the task at hand

Tomorrow I’ll think again
Of fair things, beautiful things
My home and family
But most of all Mr. Frodo happy.

- Eglerio Hyn