Haldir's Death

I am dying

My breath

Coming in shallow gasps

Pain is flowing through me

A strange yet beautiful sensation

I didn’t want to die

I wanted to live

To serve the lady of light

Until she leaves the shores

To fight darkness and evil

Until there is no more

Darkness has struck me

I have fallen

Where will I go?

Now that I am struck down

Into immortal death

Blood stains the fingers of my friend

And I close my eyes

I feel myself moving

My spirit is fleeing

To the halls of Mandos

To be judged

Will I pass the test

Have I been honorable?


And a faithful follower of my lady?

I have

Now I will go and be at rest

And hope that they who survive

Will be able to go on without me

To save the world from evil

And bring Middle Earth peace
- Eglerio Hyn