Goodbye to Middle Earth

It is time to go
I have no words
Just silent grief
In leaving this place I saved
And the people I love

They watch me
Tears filling their eyes
As I take Gandalf’s hand
It trembles in his old yet strong one
How can I leave them?
My friends in joy
And bitter pain?

Yet this pain
This wound
That will never heal
Compels me to leave for the land of healing
In bittersweet parting I go

Sam, it is you I shall most miss
All we went through is burned in my heart
Your faithfulness
Through it all I will never forget
My friend I go now
But perhaps someday I will see you again

I lift the phial gently
As the faces of my friends disappear
I hear myself whisper

“I am going to be healed
And I shall always miss you

Middle Earth fades to nothing
And all I see is the horizon beckoning on…

- Eglerio Hyn