I am empty

Hollow deep inside

All that remains

The Ring

Tearing me up

Deep inside

This emptiness


Where am I now?

Oh rocks and fire

Everything the same

Nothing the same

Alone and emptied

It is time to let it go

I must

I have to

I am SICK of this emptiness

Sick of the pain

Sick of the whispers

That breathe all day

I want to die


My hands tremble

Time is short

I am in a world of fire

It is screaming at me

Begging me to put it on

I can’t----I won’t----


It is MY task

My own

I must destroy it!

No---I want to wear it---

My will struggles

I am weak


I have it

I am the Lord of the Ring

I have the Power now

I am Great

And strong

I will defeat HIM

And be Lord myself


Pain---oh pain---PAIN

Broken through my dizzy rejoicing

Shattering this reality

It is gone


It is gone

He is gone

I am empty again




Hands touch me

Drag me from this inner and outer hell

I cannot see him

Through the tears

Through the pain

And the blood

But it is my Sam

I’m so glad

You are with me

Here at the end of

All things

All things are gone

I am empty
- Eglerio Hyn