Sweet Elanor

Little toes crunched up tight
Fingers curled secure around her father’s finger
A smile faint upon her rosy lips
Sunlight for soft curls

I watch smiling as her father holds her
Such tenderness and love he bestows
Rosie stands watch, her hand upon his shoulder
Gazing into each others eyes

I turn needing seclusion
Feeling their desire to be with themselves
Sam glances up searching for me
I nod to tell him it is alright

Pain washes through me
I gasp and struggle for breath
Before I remember her face
Content and beautiful in sweet slumber

I have held her
Softly in my own arms
Everything seems to disappear into mist
Leaving beautiful Elanor
Smiling in my arms
Her sweetness easing the pain in my heart

I love her
She gives so much to me
And all I do is hold and sing to her
Hoping she sees the happiness in my eyes
As she comforts me without knowing

Sam’s beautiful child Elanor
She’ll always remain in my heart
Even as I leave her
In the loving strong arms of her father
My friend
I will never forget her
- Eglerio Hyn