The Dead Marshes

I see the flickering lights
They draw me to themselves
Smeagol says don’t touch
This time I do not obey

I see their peaceful faces
Their dead bodies floating
Something horrifying draws me
Leads me into their net of death

I am falling and I cannot stop
Water hits my face
But I am numb and the faces call
Asking me to join them in their sleep

They have awoken!
They are reaching for me
Ghastly faces and fingers
All things of nightmares

Someone pulls me forth
From the watery grave
They had almost taken me to
It is Smeagol

Does he care so much to rescue me?
I thought for sure it would be Sam
Dearest of friends
Perhaps it was the pull of the Ring
Or is there a shred of life in his heart for kindness?

I will not go near the lights again
They cannot draw me
I have seen their deathly faces
And desire the fires no more

- Eglerio Hyn