Darkness and Shadow

Upon me
Like a black
Veil of death

I claw at the darkness
Desperate for light
Hungry for a ray of sunshine
I am trapped here
No longer alive
In the blackness
Of death

I cannot escape or hope for freedom
The damage is done
I am alone and afraid
In the hollow of my own soul
Not even the ring of fire
Is here to comfort me

I am alone so alone
I cannot stay here
In this shadowy pit of Hell
Tears run down my face

I want out

Let me out

Set me free

I long for light
For green
For smiles
And happiness

I scream
In agony
As familiar pain rips through me
It is almost a friend
This throbbing pain

I know I’m alive
When I feel it drench
Me in the liquid fire
As I long and dream of

The precious

To hold it one more time
In the hollow of my hand
To hear its sweet voice

Once again

Another wave
Crashes over me
I cry out desperate for air
For light and love
In the blackest of nights

I want to die

To leave this place of dark insanity
To find rest and peace
My courage drains
I can no longer fight

A tiny prick of light
Appears in my darkness
His voice anxious and gentle
He calls me back
Brings me back

The light grows

He hands me the jewel
I grasp it desperately
It had fallen off
In the blackness

Sam is visible now
He is crying as he strokes my bloody hand
I must have bitten it
Everything is becoming a haze now
He wraps me in a hug
And I sob on his shoulder
I cannot bear this torture anymore
I now know I must leave him

Leave my Elanor

Leave the Shire

For I cannot stay here
The pain and the blackness are too great
No one can heal me here.

- Eglerio Hyn