We will Dance

a poem from Rosie to Sam

Sam, sweetest of hobbits

You were so shy that night

I felt your soft eyes watching

Watching me dance in happiness

Yet it wasn’t complete

Your arms weren’t around me

Holding me gently to yourself

My heart sang when Frodo pushed you

And then I felt you

Your firm calloused hands

Around me

Your face close and smiling

With the music we danced

Around and around

We went

My heart went as well

I was complete here

In the arms of the one I love

I dream of that night often

Remember your eyes

Every detail of your face

Your voice
Because you were taken away

On a mission

Gandalf told me little

All I can do is hope that you will be back

One day

Then we shall dance again

And if I have my way

My heart’s way

We will dance our whole lives

Live in peace together

Hold our babies softly

And we will dance

- Eglerio Hyn