Sam Carries On

Death’s cold fingers
Creep across your face
As I weep at the death of my hopes.
My friend and my master,
One I love as a brother

Our friendship has endured
Through sun and shadow
Why must you die here?
And leave me to face this task alone without you?

The Ring hanging about your neck is now mine
To take
And free you from its grasp.
But you are already free.
Free in the dreamless state of death.

Please say you can see me
That you watch me
From a place more lovely than this
With flowers and gardens I so long to see
Beyond the mist of the Shire green

It would comfort me
To know you are there
Watching me

But now you lay.
Death upon your face
And my heart breaks.

I must go on
Leave you here
But I will come back
For you
After this Ring is destroyed.

- Eglerio Hyn