Arwen's Lament

I dream of you
I reach for you
But you are not there
In the darkness
I am alone

Alone with my fears
Alone without you
My heart aches
From your loss

I cannot see you
I cannot feel you
Beneath my fingers
In this feverish dream

Our son is King
I am proud of him
But why must I be proud alone?
My hand on my son’s shoulder
It used to be yours

The hand that held the scepter
Once was you
Now our son rules this land
And I am alone

Did I ever tell you
How much you mean to me?
How much I loved you?
That you made my life complete

I am broken now
Lost without your arms to hold me
Your face in front of me
Your hand in mine
What am I without you?

My king
My husband
My lover
I am lost and broken
My heart cannot be mended

Now that you are gone
I will wander alone
In the forest of my dreams

- Eglerio Hyn