The Two Paths

- Dinledhwen
Sometimes the choices we have to make in our real world lives are never easy so we tend to put them off for awhile. I can imagine that would have been true for the elves.

I have long walked this first path
With a joyful heart and light step
While I follow its winding course
Here under the many green boughs.

But then one day I encounter
A new path that led far away
Which my kindred had been taking
In order to leave this wooded shore.

So there I stand undecided
Not knowing which way to go
For in my heart I do love both
And I wish not to be parted.

But back and forth my mind does go
While a battle rages in my heart
So torn am I that I cry out
“However will I make this choice!”

So in the end I made no choice
Instead I will wait the morrow
For maybe then I can decide
Which of these two paths to follow.