The Elf's Question

- Dinledhwen

I'm not anti-cell phone usage out in public or the great outdoors since there are times when its use is justified. But I've noticed way to often people who are prattling i.e. babbling about nothing on them when their attention needs to be elsewhere. So it has inspired this bit of poetry with a twist of elvishness thrown in to ask the basic burning question I would love to ask but am to timid to do and that is "How can your trivial conversation be more important than what is going on around you?"

The Elf’s Question

Too engrossed with their prattle
On their stylish slim cell phones
The hikers failed to notice
The elf walking with them now.

But finally one young woman
Who was tiring of her call
Took notice of the stranger
Their eyes meeting while they smiled.

“Your prattle has me curious,”
The elf questioned his voice soft.
“How something that’s so trifling
Be so blinding towards the trees?”

“I’m baffled by that myself,”
she said sadly back to him.
“I’m sorry if our prattle
Has been detracting us from them.”

Now engrossed with their debate
On the merits of the trees
The hikers failed to notice
The elf walking from them now.