The Memories of the Last Elf

- Dinledhwen
He stood alone in the woods that spring
And looked across the swift Forest River
At the Great Gates now wide open
To the extensive caverns that were his home.
But the only people living there
Who greeted him upon his return
Were those in his bittersweet memories
Of his now departed kindred.

He stood alone before the Great Gates
While at his feet lay piled
The long dead leaves of seasons past
That the wind had drifted there.
But when he stepped across the threshold
He heard much to his surprise
The faint sound of merry voices in song
That called to him from the darkness.

He stood alone there for a moment
As a bright glimmer of hope did suddenly spark
That he was not the last Elf here
In the woods he did love.
But as he searched the halls and chambers
That glimmer of hope so bright did fade
For what he had heard was nothing more
Then the bittersweet memories he had to endure.

He stood alone outside the Great Gates
His eyes tear filled for the silence
That now would be the sole inhabitant
Of the caverns that had been his home.
But time was ever moving on
And with it a new people would come to live
So he vanished into the woods he loved
And there he remained the last Elf on earth.