The First Meeting

- Dinledhwen
Late at night along this western shore
When all is bathed in a bright moon’s light
I now can see with my mortal eyes
A single Elf standing in the woods.

He pauses there for several heart beats
A tall fair being not from this time
Before he walks to the water’s edge
While the sea breeze plays in his hair.

But the breeze soon leaves this Elf alone
And the water ceases its lapping
When a hush descends upon this shore
While he stands there gazing longingly.

Only then did my mortal ears hear
His soft voice as he begins to speak
Of the loneliness that’s in his heart
Ever since his Kindred have sailed away.

Then slowly he turns and looks at me
His blue eyes filling with unshed tears
While my heart begins to ache for him
Such a lonesome soul from this earth’s past.

I then take a step in his direction
Wanting to give him a tender embrace
Hoping this would bring him some comfort
But he sadly smiles and steps away.

Then the Elf returns to his solitude
There amongst the trees of the woodland
While I’m left here on this quiet shore
My tears for him filling my eyes.