The Lament of the Last Elf

- Dinledhwen
He stood alone on the western shore that winter
When the moon was new and the stars
In their thousands mirrored with their brightness
The snow grains on the shore.
But he ignored them for his
Tear filled eyes were on the distant horizon
As he strained to catch a glimpse of white sails
Of his now departed kindred.

He stood alone on the western shore
While the dark ocean sent its cold waves forward
To crash themselves in a rhythmic sound
And spread their foam at his feet.
But only then did he realize
As his heart grew heavy with despair
That he had lingered to long in the woods he loved
While his kindred departed this shore.

He stood alone on the western shore
Now with tears that flowed freely down his face
And cried in a plaintive voice to his kindred
Not to leave him to this fate.
But no white sails appeared on that distant horizon
And the voices he had heard before were now forever silent
He had been left behind on that western shore
And now must remain the last Elf on earth.