The Fall Storm

- Dinledhwen
A Woodland Elf Poem

Leaves of orange and yellow fall
And swirl around in the wind
That blows through my forest home
In gusts that herald a storm.

But still I linger out here
And watch the dark clouds above
As they race across the sky
Till all the clear blue is gone.

Then thunder rumbles softly
In a low menacing way
While the leaves fall from on high
And race away with the wind.

Suddenly lightning flashes
And briefly dispels the gloom
Before thunder vents with force
Which causes me to tremble.

Soon the rain begins to fall
In big fat drops it patters
Then swiftly I run for shelter
Just as the down pour begins.

But I remain light hearted
While I run on muddy paths
For this rain will dampen me
But it won’t dampen my spirit.