- Dinledhwen
A Last Elf Poem

Once again fall has arrived on this shore
Oh you should see the colors as they blaze!
In their various hues of red and gold
All through out the forest we called our home.

Now look how the breeze has made the leaves dance
Swirling them up high into the blue sky
Before letting them slowly float on down
To form colorful drifts here on the ground.

Do you remember walking through those drifts?
How we would kick the leaves up in the air?
There seemed to be something about this time
That had us acting like children again.

But only I will see this fall season
As I have done for all of those now past
Since you sailed to Valinor’s fair white shores
You feet never to touch this soil again.

Oh I wish I could follow you this day!
But no sea vessel can I build with skill
Nor a thief in the night will I become
So sadly on this shore I must remain.