The Dream

- Dinledhwen
Far up in green boughs I was sitting
When I heard this familiar sound
Of the voices of my dear kindred
Calling softly for me to come down.

Now my heart was filled with joy
As I nimbly reach the ground
To stand once again amongst them
With their smiling fair faces all-around.

Then I long embraced each one in turn
With feelings of happiness most profound
Like a person greeting those who were lost
When they suddenly appear safe and sound.

For several moments this joy did last
While in its grip I was held spellbound
But then I felt the cold wetness
Of the snow flakes that were now falling down.

Only then did I realize that it was a dream
While looking up at bare boughs with a frown
That this happy reunion with my dear kindred
Had come while I lay asleep on the ground.

So I covered my face with my hands
While the snow continued to gather around
And softly wept with grief now in my heart
For my dear kindred now sailing westward bound.