Frodo's Night Song: Cirith Ungol

- DelphiniumTook

Dreams of fear
awake, asleep
is all the same
red light burns
white flesh
in cold fire
a requiem in red
a river of dread
I lie
in pain
above this gloom
above this room
do stars still wheel and turn?
as frightened horses
they race their courses
do not see
what has become of me
without the ring
I can't perceive
I can't remember
my cousin's face
or a single note of grace
I lie in this tower
a scream of terror
a night song
a silence so profound
time itself becomes unwound
such error
we brought the ring
to the very worst thing
a void of malice
in a dark palace
such silence
this tower turns
the red light burns

did I hear
a note of grace
amid the blood
of this forsaken place?
I see myself
vermilion on pale
poison flows within my blood
inchoate, absurd
tears flood
I heard a song
was it I?
a lash cracks hard
skin marred
an evil dream jarred
loose, again to sink
night again I drink
the river's wrath
the poison path
another lash?
from dream to dream
I flee
was it Sam?
Oh, Sam.
they took everything
I am