He was Flawed in his Perfection

- DelphiniumTook
It's a quiet place
where the whirlwind touches
down upon the stone
when he claimed the one
it possessed him utterly
in silence
all turns above him
a ring around him
he has gone to glass
fragile strength
broken at the last
stabbed and speared
stripped and whipped
praise him
to walk so far
wrapped in a chain of blood
our fallen angel crawls
in his dying
he yet lives
he was flawed
in his perfection
I saw
his eyes of water
his eyes of fire
speak to me in riddles
nascent lordling
elegant in grime
inaccessible in his
weariness stretches behind him
a trail of broken miles
ineffable sadness in
his defiant grin
O, dark romantic
I regard him
with awe
gone always where I
cannot follow
he is a song in the deep of night
a scent I cannot name
a wheel of fire
in his hand
at his feet
who could have carried it so far?
his mercy laid down
long ago,
against this day
praise him

after a brief struggle
and a vicious bite
we won the war
and he lost the fight

let him go